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Partnership for Affordable Housing

Provides a healthy, safe and affordable living environment.

Our rules begin with RESPECT:


  • Respect for the individual

  • Respect and value for your opinion

  • Respect for your right to be who you are

Our staff is available to talk with you daily concerning things that are important to you:


  • Your living environment

  • Your skills as they relate to employment

  • Health services referrals

  • Social services referrals

  • Life in a well maintained comfortable environment

Additional Services:

Making Changes Transitional Housing for Women

Transitional housing provides an environment that offers encouragement and a place to think.

To become a resident at Making Changes Transitional Housing for Women, you must:


  • Be able to live cooperatively and safely in a group setting.

  • Be willing to attend group, individual and house meetings.

  • Want to live a healthy and safe lifestyle

  • Be willing to submit to random drug and alcohol testing

  • Have a steady income

If you are a client in need of our services or an individual wanting to contriute, don't hesitate to call or visit:


Partnership for Affordable Housing is located at

6021 Camdon Street

Oakland Ca  94605

(510) 430-0300

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