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Unforeseen complications can befall on any of us.


Being able to step back, regroup and think about what is happening around us is a true benefit.

We can help... Just give us a call or come by.

Partnership for Affordable Housing (PAH) is a group of licensed clinical social workers organized to provide temporary housing assistance and basic life essential services to individuals and families experiencing temporary displacement.

The primary purpose for which this corporation is organized is to provide transitional housing assistance and essential life services to at-risk populations including low-income families, seniors, veterans and the homeless.Through intervention counseling and a network of referral agencies PAH provides temporarily displaced families and individuals with life sustaining services and a road map to recovery and self-sufficiency.

PAH allies itself and connects with various agencies, organizations and individuals to ensure that our clients receive the most current information and essential services enabling them to become self-sufficient contributing members of the community in a dignified manner.


On behalf of our Board of Directors and myself, we want thank you for visiting our website and invite you to help us ensure that individuals and families have their basic needs met.  $1.03 per day can help provide the needs for one individual. 


Please support our efforts.


Thank you!


Diane Burr 

Executive Director

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